Running Events I attend in 2020

Running events

In this article, I share with you which running events I plan to attend in 2020.

My past running experience

If you are interested in how I came to running and how it all began, I recommend you to read the “My past running experience” section in this article.

Let’s see what happened in 2019

Running events

In 2019 I decided to start running again after some years of a break.

I joined 5 running/hiking events and finished all of them with a good result.

Check my post years article for more info about those events.

Guess what; I still like to run, and I love the feeling of running! I enjoy running at least three times a week in the morning before I start to work on my current project –

Follow me on Strava if you are interested in how my times are!

The running events I plan to attend in 2020

For the year 2020, I only signed up for three events so far. I will extend the list if there are more to come. Here you find the actual list of running events I join:

  • Vienna City Half Marathon
    Date: April 19, 2020
    Distance: 21,0975 km
    my Goal: Finish the half marathon in less than 2 hours or even better in less than 1 hour 50 minutes
    –> Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vienna City Marathon was canceled. 🙁

  • Vienna Night Run
    Date: September 22, 2020
    Distance: 5km
    my Goal: Finish the 5km in less than 23 minutes
    –> This running event was changed to a virtual running event also due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Therefore, every participant can decide where and at which time of the day they want to run as long as you run on one of the days between September 22 and 30.
    After you finished your 5km run, you need to upload your result to be listed in the ranking.
    -> Read this article to see if I was able to achieve my goal.

  • Mammut Wien 100km
    Date: September 5, 2020
    Distance: 100km
    Goal: Finish the 100km hike in less than 21 hours
    Update: I finished the 100km hike in 19 hours and 19 minutes!
    -> Please find the full story here.

That’s it so far! Once the running/hiking events are over, and I will share whatever I’ve experienced during those events and you will find new articles on my blog.

As such, keep on moving!

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